SEO (aka Search Engine Optimization) is what makes your incredible work and services searchable on the internet (and we aren’t just talking about Google!). This post is a super brief overview covering some SEO basics that can help craft a long-term sustainable strategy to optimize your website for both search engines and your audience!

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It’s the 21st century, digital media is everywhere, digital marketing has gone crazy, and yet impressive, stand out business cards remain a proven, key marketing communication. Every business needs them because, from a creative and entrepreneur’s standpoint, they’re absolutely essential to basic marketing principles like successful branding and networking. Sure, some rare individuals, who are totally obsessed with digital marketing ONLY, may scoff the beautiful business card and treat them as a tired relic from the print past…but in the real world of today, nothing could be further from the truth.

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Everyday we are surrounded by gold. The gold is everywhere if you take the time to see it and enjoy it.

It’s in the simple moments of hearing the birds sing good morning as you check your emails in bed (like me) 😉, or when you walk out of an interview or meeting and just know that you nailed it, strolling under a heating vent when your skins a bit chilly or perhaps it’s just the smell of a really great coffee! ☕️

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Understanding the challenges of small business’, we spend the time to get to know your business’ needs and endeavours before providing recommendations. From defining your target market and repositioning your business in the marketplace, through to web design, branding and social media, your consultant will provide expertise and detailed recommendations.

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