Why Gold Spoon?

Firstly, I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I love quality, class and style! For some thats hard to take. I don’t apologise for it, I accept it and I try to accept others equally.

So here’s the story…

In 2009 I had a bubbly lass working for me. She had a heart of gold and a smile that just makes you grin along. She wasn’t a striver of class though and etiquette went out the door, which she says is an up bringing thing.

One fine day her sister was in our photography studio and wanted to go out the back through the, product shooting area, editing room, and then framing room instead of walking around the street. Occupational Health and Safety stipulates that only staff are allowed through the framing area due to glass and dangerous tools, so I apologised politely and let her know she would have to go around.

She didn’t appreciate that too much and in one hell of a huff called me a “Silver Spoon Snob” and walked out. Maybe it’s my comedic side, but I couldn’t help but laugh and looked at my employee (her sister) and said “as if I’d settle for silver!”

Well, she doubled over laughing harder than I, and when my mother came in she had to repeat the story of me being called a silver spoon snob. Before she could finish Mum said, “Ha! Sherryn wouldn’t settle for silver!”

And so my sisters had a Gold Spoon pendant made for me that year, as I am the woman that I am, refusing to settle for less, and I have worn it every day since.

I encourage all to never settle for less than their highest dream. Why should you? You’re worth the best.

My Marketing Journey

In order to tell you a bit about the history of Gold Spoon, I have to dive into a bit of the history of me, after all what is business but first an extension of yourself?

Hi my name is Sherryn, and I’m the original Gold Spoon entrepreneur. A creative soul to the core I research and learn creative trades and dive into them ferociously. As a headstrong determined teenager I purchased my first photography studio at 19, I was fresh out of university with hardly any experience but knew I could do it. I failed so many times with advertising campaigns, employee relations, finance, and relationships but in all the failures I persevered, learnt from those failed attempts and grew into a successful business woman.

Business I could do, relationships not so much. I threw my heart and soul into my business and to be honest there wasn’t a lot left over at the end of the working week for personal life. In the 8 years I spent expanding that studio and perfecting every aspect I was also married and divorced. My then husband was a whole lot of fun and a great distraction from the pressures I placed on myself at the office. He wasn’t however, the most “faithful” of fellows in the end, and at the time I placed a lot of blame on him, later I realised that I’d never actually made him a priority. Work came first, home came second. There was no balance. I didn’t allow it. I knew very strongly who I was and what I loved the most and nothing was interfering.

Years later and I’m still working on maintaining a balance and separation between my work and my personal life. They merge from time to time but I’m cautious to make the time to just relax and be with my partner. He’s strong, supportive and I appreciate him more than I can say despite the mistakes I’ve made there too. He grounds my soul and for that I am deeply glad.

To establish balance I had to establish a solid, consistent marketing strategy that ensured my customers would continue walking through my door, all year round. Not only that, I needed to delegate and know that my staff could execute multiple campaigns at the right times of year in my absence, allowing me to take much needed vacations!

It wasn’t easy or instant. I went back over every marketing campaign we’d ever ran, selected the most successful and profitable and compiled a calendar. Or more like an overstocked binder! There were campaign templates, dates for shooting, approval, print media sending, execute, reap and analyse. The best thing of all though, was that it worked. As long as we stuck to the calendar with determination and precision it was brilliant.

I realised I loved marketing, I loved the results I saw and the cash flow it created. I loved my new found freedom, now that I wasn’t frantically chasing customers. I saw the business thrive even during recession. For me, that was a proud moment. I could see how far I had come and it was time to relax.

Today I’m completing my Masters in Marketing and focus on helping others achieve balance in their work-personal lives. It matters, more than you realise.