Most of my clients don’t think of how colours may affect the minds of their customers… until they meet me and their branding hits an all time high. Colours are serious business! The they affect how consumers remember, associate and emotionally attach to your company.

For instance, have a look around this website. My business colours are gold and a really muted soft pink but I love a splash of navy/teal in there on the occasion. What do they feel like to you? For most gold means class, quality and brilliant. Mix it with the pink undertone and we have a high standard feminine feel to the product. The navy/teal is my grounded, honesty. It’s the trustworthy and real, masculine side.

RED – known internationally as a buying colour. It can conjure emotions of anger, lust and passion and is a definite attention getter. When used in small amounts, it is undoubtedly the best colour to stimulate sales. However, if used in large amounts, it can turn off the more subtle customers. Red is best used to draw attention to a specific message or area you want the customer to focus on.

ORANGE – considered to be the most irritating of colours and the least favourite colour in the world, despite its associations with sexuality, creativity and affordability. It’s also a great attention grabber, but is best used in small doses or as an accent colour.

PURPLES & VIOLETS – These colours are subjective, and most people either love them or hate them. Purple is physiologically associated with spiritual healing and royalty.

BLUE – A best seller and people’s most favourite colour throughout the world, regardless of culture or ethnicity. True blue is considered the colour of communication; light blue leads to fantasy and dark blue leads to authority and power. Blue conjures up feelings of tranquillity, peacefulness, and flights of fancy. It is also considered to be the most trustworthy colour.

GREEN – This is a relaxing colour that stirs up feelings of the outdoors, forest, grass and lush meadows. It is considered a passive, not a stimulating colour and in recent times has become more associated with earth friendly companies.

YELLOW – The first colour your retina can detect, yellow is a good focus, or attention-getting colour, and a great accent colour when used in moderation.

BROWN – Grounds clients and evokes traditional or natural values. Light shades of wood are associated with affordability; dark hued shades are associated with opulence and richness. Brown is relaxing and casual, the colour of wood, the earth and nature.

PINK – This is a colour that represents gentleness and love. It is associated with nurturing emotions, so it’s not only used for romantic love, but also for familiar love. Pink has a calming effect on people.

TURQUOISE – Turquoise controls and heals the emotions creating emotional balance and stability

NEUTRALS – Black or white are always a safe and effective. They never date with fashion and enhance primary colours when used as an accent. When used exclusively, they give off an institutionalised or sterile feeling while grey tones anaesthetise the mind. Grey suggests a feel of calmness and tranquility.