It’s the 21st century, digital media is everywhere, digital marketing has gone crazy, and yet impressive, stand out business cards remain a proven, key marketing communication. Every business needs them because, from a creative and entrepreneur’s standpoint, they’re absolutely essential to basic marketing principles like successful branding and networking. Sure, some rare individuals, who are totally obsessed with digital marketing ONLY, may scoff the beautiful business card and treat them as a tired relic from the print past…but in the real world of today, nothing could be further from the truth.

The proof is everywhere. Reflecting their still current popularity, Pinterest is literally bursting with a plethora of business card designs.

We’re going to take a look into the great usefulness of business cards to your creative and professional life, including the outlasting truth of the effectiveness of the ever classic printed business cards.

Golden Business Card Stats and Benefits

A rather dramatic reason that business cards are still in high demand today is because they’re pricelessly effective! We’ve all noticed the temptation to wonder if only your digital advertising works, but you’d be surprised at what the stats say about the undying power of business cards.

Effective, impressive and beautiful business cards are a force to be reckoned with in this day and age of email, social media, and PPC marketing.

The U.S. Government’s Small Business Administration, determined that “business cards are still one of the most effective marketing methods available to small business owners.” The small business owners that partook in the survey, all noted that they handed out more business cards currently than they did a few years ago.

The reality is mind-blowing and a definite indicator that business cards are far from deceased! Customers love them! They love to see and hold your brand. By taking your business card they are literally accepting your business and now feel they own a small stake in you.

Another brilliant stat for more enlightenment: According to Statista, print media was named by 27% of global marketers as their most effective way of branding and generating demand in their market. Outnumbering:

  • Content distribution and syndication (24%)
  • Sponsorships (21%)
  • Promotional marketing and merchandising (16%)
  • In-store shopper marketing (15%)
  • Channel cooperative marketing programs (15%)
  • Radio advertising (12%)
  • Mobile advertising and mobile search (11%)
  • Outdoor display (10%)
  • Loyalty and rewards program expansion (10%)
  • Sampling and trial (9%)
  • Mobile messaging and app engagement (8%)
  • Catalog marketing (4%)
  • Guerilla or urban marketing (4%)
  • Digital signage systems (2%)
  • Other (3%)

So its pretty clear to see, business cards or print media are doing better for marketers than a whole range of other marketing methods, including digital-marketing, mobile ads, mobile search, and app engagement.