For your business to run at a successful, profitable level, with multiple employees, there are seven key elements that should be addressed. They are the seven S’s.


All businesses need a game plan for reaching their goals. The overall strategy needs to consist of a marketing strategy, a technology strategy and a sourcing strategy.


While in larger companies it’s more important to develop SBU’s (strategic business units) and assign resources to each, in small business it is also vital to recognise each element of the business structure, and to assign employees and resources appropriately.


Systems of operation are vital. Having clear systems in place to train employees on, will ensure quality control and more effective, efficient workers, while reducing your stress load also.


Business employees need to share a common way of thinking and behaving.


All employees need to possess the required skill sets to cary out your business strategy.


We need to ensure you have hired able people, trained them well, and assigned them to the correct positions.

Shared Values

Your employees share the same guiding values as yourself.

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When these elements are present in a business, the business’s are most often more successful at implementing their strategies and reaching their goals.