Today, after a successful morning meeting, I’ve spent the entire day analysing statistics and industry collected data, as well as in house data about tea. Why? Because Twinings Australia know that for a product to be profitable, and the marketing effective, you have to know so much!

Not only do you have to know what you will make on the new product (bottom line and top possible), you have to know who to market to, where to reach them, the trends occurring, likelihoods of outside influencing factors, probable market share increases, and the list goes on!

Overwhelmed yet? Well so are most entrepreneurs, and that’s why they delegate. Delegating makes the successful succeed.

Marketing without data is like running with your eyes closed. – Mine

You don’t have to be number one tea brand in Australia, or have the oldest logo in use in the world (as Twinings does – just a coupe of the myriad of facts I’ve learnt today), to market smart.

Critically analysing and interpreting the data relative to your consumers and your brand, so that it is transformed into something not only understandable, but indispensable, is what we do!

Just ask Twinings 😉